Threaded Flanges

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Threaded flanges are widely demanded as pipe flanges i.e called as threaded pipe flanges used in different industrial applications. They are the special type of pipe flanges which can be attached to the pipe without welding. Threaded flanges are threaded in the bore which match an external thread on the pipe. These threads are tapered in order to create a seal between the threaded flange and the pipe as the tapers approach the same diameter.
Materials used: Some materials used in the manufacturing of blind flanges are as follows Alloy steel, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Monels, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, PVC, Thermoplastic etc.

Uses of threaded flanges :

Threaded flanges can be fitted to pipes of various sizes without welding and this is one chief benefit for which these flanges are highly demanded.

They can be used in extremely high pressure applications, particularly at or near atmospheric temperature, where the necessary post weld heat treatment is not possible.

They can be used in highly explosive areas.

The flanges are suitable to be used in applications where welding is hazardous.